The Beginner's Guide to Googlebot Optimization

Among the top tactics to improve your brand website’s organic rankings sits Googlebot optimization, a way to play well with Google’s web crawler in order to improve your drug or disease-state website’s results. This POV defines the role of Googlebot in SEO and offers a checklist of how to improve your results. (Don’t worry, Googlebot is not a bad bot and doesn’t count as non-human traffic. Googlebot is a good bot that you want crawling your site.)

Importance of Mobile in the Media Mix

Mobile offers a unique opportunity to reach physicians and patients throughout their workflow and on the go. This POV explains the importance of mobile being part of your media mix.

New Native Ad Guidelines and What Steps you Need to Take

Native advertising is in the news a lot lately, so Associate Director, Media Kristen Kohler wrote this POV to bring us all up to speed on the latest guidelines and what pharma should be doing.

How to Make Ever Changing Search Engine Results Pages Work for Your Brand

If you don’t know what “the changing SERP” means – you should. Thanks to David Hur and the search team for this POV explaining the search changes that impact pharma.

Apple Watch Implications on Pharma

How will wearables impact pharma, in particular the most talked-about wearable, the Apple Watch? A group of CMI-ers reviewed the watch shared the results of their tests and how the Watch and other wearables may impact pharma in this POV.

How to Maximize Medical Reprint Investments in Wake of the Sunshine Act and other Industry Challenges

One of the most effective tools in influencing HCP behavior is clinical trial data. Unfortunately, in wake of the Sunshine Act pharmaceutical companies have shied away from the distribution of medical reprints; thinking the Sunshine Act has affected the willingness for physicians to receive or accept reprints, when in fact it has been quite the opposite! This POV explains in detail how important clinical content is to physicians and how to reach the right audience through the right channel.

Press Release: Compas launches contentshare, streamlining content distribution for pharma

Leading media buying firm Compas, Inc. today launched ContentShare™, a proprietary system for strategic distribution of audience-specific content including digital and print key clinical and pharmaceutical client content. ContentShare™ harnesses the power of key clinical and pharmaceutical content, offering a content planning strategy to proactively drive brands’ clinical content to their target audiences and provide relevant healthcare material for increased brand awareness and Rx lift.

ContentShare will be showcased at ProcureCON Pharma, the conference for leaders in pharmaceutical procurement. Brandy Colangelo, Director, Buying Services & Deliverables, will be leading a roundtable discussion titled, “Understanding Prescriber Behavior and Leveraging Clinical Content in the Dawn of the Sunshine Act.”

Colangelo explains, “the time to harness the power of content is now, and we saw a real need to launch this powerful service. Many in our industry shied away from this medium because of fears that it will violate the Sunshine Act, but we’re finding that the greater risk to pharma is to not distribute reprints or other content to healthcare professionals who today are busier than ever and truly value the information shared by pharma.” Media Vitals™ 2015 research shows that 90% of healthcare professionals feel medical journal article reprints are useful to receive from pharma. “Using ContentShare allows our clients to utilize and track their content in a way that’s not only compliant with Sunshine Act, but is also a powerful engagement tool that can really move the promotional needle.”

With the launch of ContentShare, Compas has produced the new POV, “How to Maximize Medical Reprint Investments in Wake of the Sunshine Act and other Industry Challenges.”

Case Study: Reaching HCPs Through EHRs Shows a 388% Script Lift for Brand

How did one pharma brand use EHRs to increase its Rx lift by 388%? This case study discusses the use of EHRs to deliver brand messages in a real life campaign example.

Ad Blocking Goes Mobile with iOS9-Implications for Pharma and Readiness Planning

The next Apple operating system update has the potential to push ad blocking into the mainstream. Our POV explains.

ISI Requirements at Risk on Google Browsers

A coming change to the new version of Google Chrome poses a major effect on Flash banner ads. Learn what CMI/Compas recommends to satisfy all requirements and prevent FDA violation.